Hello, ever-changing and evolving world. I am taking a huge leap and entering into the blogosphere.

My name is Michael Sudano. I am a human male, 31 years of age, absolutely bonkers about robotics and a host of other things. Through this medium (and a few others, to be linked to from here), I hope to share my passion and vision of our robot future. As I have done for a number of years since my interests were sparked, I will do my best to keep up with the latest robotics news coming out of the U.S., Japan and sometimes other parts of the world, and more.

As the tagline says, this blog will focus on robots and Japan, and there will be much overlap.

Back in 2005, graduating with my undergraduate degree, I was well aware of Japan’s dominance in the robotics field (thank you kindly, video games and anime). In order to realize my dream of becoming an ‘all-in-one’ roboticist, able to produce a working automaton ‘from the ground up’, I embarked on a 3+- year formal Japanese education in graduate school, along with my Master’s in Mechanical Engineering.

This Japanese education has served me extraordinarily well. It led me to 4 glorious trips to the Land of the Rising Sun, introduced me to the fantastic and highly intricate world of Japanese Riichi Mahjong and allowed me to gather a number of years’ experience working for big Japanese robotics companies. Also, I met my wife while working in a Japanese store to gain more immersive language experience one summer, but that’s another story for another time!

All-in-all, it’s been a crazy ride. I can’t wait to see what’s next!


Shinkansen Selfie