San Fransokyo? I’m in!

Robots? Comedy? Japan?

Disney seems to be making a movie just for me. After watching the below trailer for ‘Big Hero 6’ (based on the Marvel Comics series), I am super excited:

The Robot — Collaborative! Fluffy, air-filled, able to work safely with and around humans.

The Comedy — Genuine laughs from the trailer and genuine comedic talent (Scott Adsit, Maya Rudolph).

The Japan — Serious Japanese / Asian overtones, including a villain ‘in a Kabuki mask’ (reminiscent of Legend of Korra’s Amon), heroes named after Japanese foods (‘Tamogo’ ~ tamago, wasabi), Japanese katakana, buildings and more!

Super excited for Nov. 7th!


3 thoughts on “San Fransokyo? I’m in!

  1. This movie looks like it has the potential to be pretty damn awesome. Also, I really like your title! Mech Sense / Mecha Sensei. Brilliant.

    PS Can I move to San Fransokyo? Seems like a pretty awesome town.

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